29 January 2008

Smitty Votes

Today is Florida's unprimary. The GOP will at least seat some delegates at their convention but for Democrats the vote today is just for kicks and nothing else. And there's a property tax amendment on the ballot, cleverly scheduled to suppress turnout and ensure the yes votes win. I'll be voting no.

I'll als be voting for Edwards. If you are undecided and are voting today, let me briefly offer my thoughts.
I like Sen. Obama; he is the only one of the candidates I've met and he strikes me as a decent person, more than I can say for nearly every other federal-level politician I've met (the exception being Lindsey Graham). I will not be upset if he is nominated.

I will be upset if Clinton is nominated. Whether she can win a general or not I don't know, but if she does win, we'll be in for four solid years of people trying to destroy her, and whatever you think of her, or her husband, or the "vast right-wing conspiracy" against them, four years of attack-and-parry will not help this country. Do not vote for Sen. Clinton.

I support Edwards even though I disagree with some of his policies, because I believe he has more detailed, better though-out plans, and has shown in the primary season so far the sort of attitude I get from the aforementioned Sen. Graham: he speaks his mind. He tells you that you may not like what he has to say, but it's what he believes and he's not out to tell you what you want to hear. I like and value that more than almost any other quality. I belive he would fare better in a debate against Mitt Romney or John McCain than would Sen. Obama, and although all the grandiose plans in the world may, and often do, come to naught after the election, the simple act of having them is more impressive than all the flowery language in the world (something Obama is very good at, by the way). To me, Edwards is the most genuine candidate in the Democratic field (Huckabee is the most genuine candidate period, but I genuinely can't stomach the thought of him in office), and he will get my vote today.

So there you have it. Floridians, I don't care how you vote, but please do get out there and vote today.


Lucky Bob said...

I have to admit I took an Edwardian stance here myself. I knew Hillary; the name Clinton will forever in my mind bring one person to mind; wouldn't do well here. I was surprised that Obama did as well as he did. I wanted to help demonstrate that Obama and Edwards can carry a lot of weight in SC. Of the Dem candidates they seem to be the most complimentary. I also think Edwards could attract more "normally Republican" voters in SC, but we are a red state.

Smitty said...

Indeed, a very red state. But two more Democrats will be moving in before the election in November! Unfortunately so will 97,326 more Republicans...