29 December 2006

Punch Drunk Love

I have a serious question here. Smittygirl and I watched this movie, Punch Drunk Love, last night. Or, no, it was the night before (we watched Over the Hedge last night, which was much better).

Um... well. It was... well, I'm not going to say it was awful, but I didn't like it. I didn't really get it, much of the time. I didn't get how Barry was able to track down the sex talk people. I didn't get why Lena liked him... I mean, I didn't get that at all, he's a wackjob. I get that his sisters were domineering but is there NO ONE in Barry's life who can see them for what they are? It's absolutely absurd that everyone would think Barry was the only nutcase in that family. Although I will admit that accident/harmonium scene in the beginning is totally awesome and I like the way it sets up the story, sets up what is about to happen in Barry's life. It's very poetic.

And because of that scene I find myself thinking that it may, in fact, be a good film. I just don't care to ever watch it again and didn't really think it was especially entertaining. It was a lousy movie. But it might have been a good film. So, if anybody's seen Punch Drunk Love, please, I want to know what you thought of it and why.

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Anonymous said...

I was similarly torn. The cinematography was good. And I'm all for quirkiness, but it was just weird. And yes, exactly, why did the charming, soft-spoken girl go for the raging freak? Didn't get it.

We just saw Little Miss Sunshine last night, which was wholeheartedly AWESOME.