07 May 2009

A New Attempt To Blog Daily Begins... Now!

Whether it will last remains to be seen. Theoretically I should be leaving for work in about four minutes but I haven't even had breakfast yet, haven't packed a lunch, don't even have my boots on.
But I did throw the puppy blanket in the wash on the "sanitize" setting with bleach. She... well, she's a puppy. Puppies can't really make it through the night without pooping, I guess. I don't actually know for sure, but ours certainly doesn't try. She made a mess in her little house last night, got poo all over her blanket, the sides of the house, and herself. Smittywife had to give her a bath this morning before rushing out the door, and I cleaned out the doghouse and put the blanket in the wash.
And what I wanted to say, really, was this: why do all bleach bottles seem to share the same incompetent design? Who thought that up, anyway? I need to put a small amount of bleach into the washing machine's bleach dispenser, and all I have to do that is an open neck that clearly wasn't designed for pouring and all the weight of the bleach in the bottom of the jug. Of course it's going to glug out and splash. And it's bleach, for goodness sake, when it splashes everywhere it's going to cause problems. I just don't understand it. There has to be a better way to package that, but clearly no one has even tried. Grr.


Lucky Bob said...

Here is a suggestion, but I don't know if it will work. Buy one of those 1 gal gas cans with the self venting spout and the spout cap. If the plastic survives gas I think it will handle bleach. They pour much better, and they will hold the whole gallon of bleach. Just label it well.

Rambling Speech said...

You have a puppy? Why don't I know this? What happened to Jackson?

Ayzair said...

I also missed the puppy thing. Name? Description? You do realize your house is officially a menagerie now, right?

Smitty said...

Oh, it's worse than a menagerie, it's a full-on Wild Animal Park and Petting Zoo. We have enough parking, I'm thinking about starting to charge admission.
Jackson is still his swell tail-wagging self, so no worries there. Smittywife wanted another dog. Has for a while. Companion for Jackson, that sort of thing--he shouldn't be lonely all day when I'm at work, you know. So we have a new puppy. There will be puppy pictures here before too long. Her name is Lily.