05 February 2009

Romantic Dinner?

I just had an ad pop on gmail while I was reading a message from Smittywife. It said
Live Maine Lobsters
Romantic dinner for two delivered right to your front door!

Seriously? Live Maine lobsters? Is lobster romantic? More to the point, is boiling a live invertebrate to death romantic? I mean, I like lobster; we might even make some lobster bisque here soon, but I would never consider whole lobster a romantic dish. Would you?


Lucky Bob said...

I'd find it terribly romantic. Though I'd probably find Mac and Cheese romantic at this point.

Rick I said...

Well it may pose a bit of difficulty trying to send live Maine lobster tails without the rest of the lobster. I am no biologist but it just makes sense to me.

Rambling Speech said...

Did you know lobster used to be for poor people only? They were called "bugs" after their resemblance to cockroaches and were considered one step up from eating mice.

Having said that, I think the poor people should have kept this yummy seafood completely secret. Lobster can be romantic if you stand on the deck of a lobster shack overlooking a bay while cracking freshly boiled lobster and laughing at each others eating technique.