08 October 2008

"He doesn't trust me any more."

A teenage girl referring to the boyfriend she cheated on?

No. Me referring to our adopted orange and white cat. Our only tom, he was scheduled to go into the humane society this morning to become and orange and white not-tom. It's tough to bribe him since he's not supposed to eat, but I tried. He let me pick him up and carry him to the car, but he didn't like going in the car. I tried again, in the backseat this time, but he got his head out the door before I could close it and I couldn't get him back in. I tried baiting the back seat with cat treats, which only got the kittens in there (great, another place they think they own). Orange Pop went and hid, and every time I followed after him he ran farther away. Into the poison ivy (oh to be covered in fur and not care about poison ivy).

Now he is here:Note the zoom inset. He's way up there in that dead tree.

I can't get him down. He managed to avoid his appointment with the surgeon today but what do I do about the future? We NEED free spaying for the females. They trust me enough to get in the car, and I can get them wherever they need to go. But I can't afford $70 per cat! HELP US!!!!


Lucky Bob said...

Gimpy Cat was a bit of a problem, but she would hide under the driver seat or escape when we got to the vet. Give him a little while to get used to you again. Feeding him yourself helps that a lot, and if he lets you, pet him while he eats. And do what I finally did for Gimpy. Use a friggin pet carrier. She sounded like I was slowly torturing her, but I managed to get her to the vet and back without incident. I also used a leash on her once, which was rather funny. And sometimes the vet will bump you up when they hear the cat's mournful wail at being in the carrier.

Anonymous said...

Herding cats, huh? Damn near impossible! Good Luck, I'm of no help...just humored by the story and picture.


scanime said...

I remember those horrible sounds that Gimpy made. It sounded like LB was hanging her upside-down by the tail or something. I'm not surprised that the appointment was bumped up.

Newspaper, the outdoor cat that adopted us, hasn't been too much trouble for the vet. We managed to get her into the cat carrier, and she was well behaved. But getting all three of the indoor cats into their cat carriers is a different story. Once the first one is in their carrier, the others all know that something is going on, and decide to hide.

Shirley said...

Ahhh, poor kitty didn't want to be an itty. He's a very pretty cat!

Is there some animal rescue joint around that spays for free or something? You could take them in - claim the neighbors left them (which they did right?), get them fixed, and then adopt them! Seventy dollars....sheesh!