26 September 2008

College Football!

Okay, so this isn't what I said I was going to post about but I MUST talk about this!

USC lost to Oregon State last night. Lowly Oregon State, which, before last night, was considered in the bottom half of Pac-10 teams.
Why was everybody so freaking in love with USC before last night? Do they not watch what is happening out there on the West Coast? The freaking Mountain West and the WAC have both been beating up on the "better" tier of teams from the Pac-10. And what has USC done so far this year? Let's see, they flattened a Virginia team that's not even favored to beat perennial doormat Duke tomorrow. Then they took ten days off and beat up on Ohio State at home in LA--that's The Ohio State University, the football program that has made an utter laughingstock of the BCS championship the last two seasons and barely held off Troy last week. We already know Ohio State is grotesquely overrated, they should never have been ranked 5th when they played USC, and they shouldn't be ranked 14th now. They aren't even the second best team in a weak Big Ten, and might not be third best. And why is any of this a surprise????

I still don't understand why everybody lost faith in Georgia after week 1, or why ESPN commentators were as recently as yesterday afternoon announcing that the national championship would be played between USC and a team from the Big 12. Where is the SEC love, people? I hate the SEC, but even I can admit that the SEC championship this year will almost assuredly be played between two teams both of which are better than whatever teams show up in the BCS Championship game from any other conference. If anything, BYU looks like a better pick for the BCS than USC, and they have since week 1. Just because USC plays in LA and the team's stars look good in photo spreads and Pete Carroll gives his local brand of kool-aid away free at pressers does not mean they are the top team in the country.

Thank you, Oregon State, for clarifying what was already clear and making plain what was already obvious.


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