29 September 2006


The yucky Aquafina water is back. Eww. Fortunately, now that I have a sink, I get to keep a box or two of water right there in my clu at all times, and I'm still working off boxes of Oasis and Masafi I picked up last week. Good thing, too.

Pepsi, which produces Aquafina, is under fire in India for having outrageously high levels of pesticide contamination in its drinks. Presumably the main culprit is Pepsi-cola itself; whether other products from the company were tested or not I don't know, but bottling plants tend to handle multiple beverages at one time so we can assume if Pepsi will kill you, 7-Up will as well.

Yesterday I happened to examine one of the boxes of the Aquafina. And guess what it said:
Manufactured by Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd, Roha, Dhavat, India
So is our water tainted? How would we know?

Thank goodness we have a choice, a choice to drink Oasis water from the Oasis Pure Drinking Water Factory LLC.

Today's Oasis thought of the day: Over the next twenty years, the supply of water per person is expected to drop by a third. Conserve now!

Right on, Oasis.


Anonymous said...

OMG... you are SOOOOO right! I too hate Aquifina! Sheesh....

By the way... I just love reading your blogs. I've got you linked on my blog as well... hope you don't mind.

Take care and be safe.

Smitty said...

Mind? Of course I don't mind! I may have to link back, too. Thanks for reading!